Ten Years

My Dearest Eric,

If you can believe it, ten years ago today, at 2:15pm, we were married. Writing out “ten years” feels like it couldn’t possibly be correct. Those seven years before our wedding drag on in my mind. Back then, it always felt like we would never get to November 4th and all that it represented. Now, ten years after that day I am constantly questioning where the time has gone. We’ve talked about this so many times that we no longer verbalize it. We look at each other, shake our heads at the mystery of it, and feel more than little bit thankful for the time we’ve had. The silent communication is a blessing because I can’t talk about it too long without getting upset about how short life is, especially this one with you. So, instead of focusing on how much time we might have left, today I’ll concentrate on the past ten years.

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We’ve said many times that our wedding day was perfect, and I still absolutely, 100%, agree with that. We both knew that there were a handful of things that went wrong on our wedding day, and that there are perhaps a few small regrets when we focus on the Pinterest of it all. But, the best part about our wedding is that those little things didn’t matter then, they don’t matter now, and they never will. Our wedding was perfect because it was our wedding. In my heart I know it wouldn’t have mattered to me if we never got married, but I’m still honored that you asked me. Nothing could have been better than that “official” acknowledgement and celebration of what it feels like we’ve always known; that we were meant to be together.

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The biggest thing the past ten years have taught me is that a wedding is not the same thing as a marriage. Our wedding was just one day out of the 3,652 days we’ve been husband and wife, and each of those days has been a learning experience. Not only learning together about what love really looks like, but also learning to be better humans. We’ve both learned that complacency in any facet of your life is dangerous, but especially in relationships. I’m so thankful we’ve never taken for granted how lucky we are to have found each other, and I hope we never do.


Thank you for every moment of the past ten years, and yes, even the difficult ones. Thank you for constantly challenging me to be the best possible version of myself. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t deserve it, and for making me feel whole in the moments when I felt worthless. Thank you for advocating for me, and understanding me when it feels like no one does. Thank you for teaching me about true selflessness, and what it really means to have a servant’s heart. And I’ll never stop saying it: Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with, thank you for being my husband, and thank you for loving me. The past ten years have been utterly humbling and wonderful, and though I wish time would slow down, I can’t wait to see what the next ten bring us. Happy Anniversary Eric, I love you!

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Thanks for the pictures Stephanie!!