Ever since our offer was accepted on our house we’ve been dying to get back to Colonial Williamsburg. We love history, but there is endless inspiration for us in the Revolutionary City for our own home. Looking at everything from the gardens to chair rails is a huge help towards the renovation and restoration of […]

Christmas at Colonial Williamsburg

Little known fact about Eric and I, we love spending time outdoors in the mountains. It’s not exactly a secret if you know us, we just don’t get the chance to venture outdoors as much as we’d like. You want hiking pictures? Done. Pictures around the campfire? Perfect. Engagement session at a Christmas tree farm? […]

Melissa and Gus | A Mountain Engagement Session

If you’ve even lived in, or worked on an old house you quickly realize that the major limitation is time. Unless you have hoards of cash to throw at contractors or designers to do the work for you time is your next best resource. One of the first rooms we worked on in our home […]

Melrose – The South Wall of the Office

It was a bit colder than we expected. Okay maybe a lot more cold than I would have liked, but there’s just something about taking pictures outside in the crisp autumn air. Plus, it means more cozying up for warmth, which is always a bonus during engagement sessions! 😉 We met up with Heather and […]

Heather and Sal | Engagement

I couldn’t sleep last night, this Thanksgiving eve felt like waiting for Christmas morning. Six months ago everything was different for my family. We were still unsure when, or if, my parents would move back into their house after the fire. Eric and I were still trying to sell our first home, and after months […]

Thanksgiving 2015

They were both nervous, just a little bit. After waiting many years and experiencing many things together the day had finally arrived. Sunny, warm for November, and just a little bit breezy. Upon arriving at St. Francis of Assisi I think they both knew in their hearts that this was the day they had been […]

Megan and Patrick | Inn at the Old Silk Mill Wedding