They made it through years of dating long distance. At first, seeing each other on the weekends with trips between Longwood and VMI. And later, maintaining a relationship between Virginia and New York. Kim and Josh had come such a long way to their wedding day, supported by their friends, their family, and their faith. […]

Kim and Josh | Rock Hill Plantation

Jessica and Ryan met at work, but they first bonded over fantasy football. Based on that alone we knew wedding day was going to be a lot of fun. But, we had no idea what an amazing celebration the day would be from beginning to end. We shouldn’t have been surprised. Jessica and Ryan are […]

Jessica + Ryan | Rock Hill Plantation Wedding

We’ve been meaning to visit Montana for a long time, years in fact. Eric and I love the mountains, I have family there we’re never visited, and frankly we’ve always wanted to see Glacier National Park. Sitting here writing this is so hard, because in retrospect Montana is almost impossible to describe. The pictures we took […]


Amy and Matt’s wedding was one of those you look forward to because they’re just so good together! You couldn’t find a more kind-hearted and fun couple if you tried. The Sunday they exchanged vows was such a perfect day. It was so good that we thought for sure there was something we were forgetting. […]

Amy and Matt | Stevenson Ridge Wedding

You really never know how a wedding day is going to unfold. Sure, there’s a schedule of events and lots of people that have specific roles. But, at the end of the day things will happen outside of your control, and how you handle it is what counts. Honestly, we thought it would rain the […]

Ashley + Mike | Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

Bridal portraits are a very old Southern tradition that stems even further back from Europe. They make lovely gifts to the parents of the bride, and eventually amazing keepsakes for future generations. But every great production has a dress rehearsal, and I think that’s the best argument for having bridal portraits done. Sure, they’re lovely, […]

Molly’s Bridal Portraits