Nine Years

To Eric on our Nine Year Wedding Anniversary:

I’ve told you that growing up I never thought I would get married. I’m pretty independent and the concept never really held any appeal for me, at least, not until I met you.
You’re the reason I recognize love when I see it. The entire reason I can photograph weddings the way I do. Every time we stand together in a church or outside watching another couple exchange vows I am thankful for you. And not just because you’re getting that killer candid shot of a bridesmaid crying. I’m thankful for that chilly November afternoon nine years ago when you showed up, and especially for the 3,286 days since.
Because marriage isn’t that dress, or those flowers, or those monogrammed napkins. It’s making the choice to show up and be present in a relationship. To love each other and make each day count while you have the chance. There are many ways you make me a better person, but you probably didn’t know that you teach me every day about loving selflessly.
I’ll always be the first to admit that I am not the easiest to live with. I’m a moody, sardonic, perfectionist who is both tirelessly driven and embarrassingly lazy. But, regardless of how long we’ve been together, you have always known exactly how to reach me. How to pull me out of a funk, how to make me smile, and how to make me a sandwich when I’m too hangry to function. You are every gift I never thought to ask for and I can’t wait to make more memories with you in our new home. Happy Anniversary Eric, thank you marrying me. 🙂