A Kitchen in Progress

I’ll never stop saying how lucky we were to find a move in ready historic home at a reasonable price. After looking for so long, finding Melrose in good condition was like a miracle.

Now, having said that, there sure was a whole lot of ugly and dirty when we bought the house. For an empty house there was certainly a lot that needed to be done.

Let’s take the kitchen for example. Decent cabinets, nice layout, cool ceiling.
But beyond the good bones, there was some interesting choices in color, countertops, and some fairly ancient appliances.

Melrose-June 2015 Int 1ST FLOOR-0036 (1)

We decided early on to prioritize the things we wanted to fix or change in the house. Things like the door locks, driveway, and the office took precedence. As much as we might have liked a complete kitchen redo from the floors to the ceiling it just wasn’t in the cards, time or money wise.

That being said, I am incredibly proud of what we’ve done so far!

Cleaned the room from top to bottom
Painted the walls, and window trim
Replaced the oven
Replaced the refrigerator
Replaced the microwave
Replaced the dishwasher
Ordered replacement sashes for the windows
Painted the sliding glass door
Replaced the electrical outlets and faceplates
Replaced the pendant lights over the island

Plus my FAVORITE projects: we replaced the island countertop with reclaimed wood. After some extensive research we found a craigslist ad for some lovely heart wood pine planks down in Bedford,VA. The sellers cut the planks to the size we wanted, and planed them all to the same thickness.

richmond-virginia-colonial-home-heartwood-pine_0011richmond-virginia-colonial-home-heartwood-pine_0012 Back at home we installed the boards, stained them, and sealed them with a matte varnish.

richmond-virginia-colonial-home-heartwood-pine_0014richmond-virginia-colonial-home-heartwood-pine_0015richmond-virginia-colonial-home-heartwood-pine_0016richmond-virginia-colonial-home-heartwood-pine_0017AND we installed some diy botanical art. We found some old botanical prints to represent the apple, fig, and pear trees we have here on the property. Then we ordered the prints on canvas which we “framed” with the original sides from our countertop planks. I absolutely love seeing them when I walk into the kitchen. I can even see the fig and apple trees from the window the prints sit over, it’s just perfect!


What’s left to do in the kitchen?
Here’s an abbreviated list:

Replace the rest of the the countertops
Paint the cabinets
Install cabinet organizers
New cabinet hardware
Install a pot filler
New cooktop
Refinish the wood floors
Build a pantry
Repair the window sashes
Buy a screen for the sliding glass door