Lexi and Chase | Sunrise Engagement Session

Looking back at these pictures I can remember exactly how I felt. The morning was cool and humid in the way that so many summer mornings are. We met Lexi and Chase at a nearby parking lot to walk them up to one of our favorite sunrise spots in Fredericksburg, VA for their engagement session. I know looking at these pictures you must be thinking we picked the perfect day, and you’d be right. Sunrise sessions are never really easy, they’re such early days, and a bit unpredictable. We never really know what any sunrise or sunset is going to look like. Sometimes the sun rises soft and pastel, but occasionally it roars in with a vibrance and contrast you can’t possibly recreate with editing.

This particular morning was obviously the latter, and it made for some unforgettable images. I’ve said it before, but we are so grateful for wonderful clients who trust us enough to meet us at 5:30am in a parking lot. Eric and I put so much time and thought into locations and light, so it’s a beautiful thing when you can see what that preparation creates. Lexi and Chase, we’re so thankful for you guys, and this balmy summer morning!

Fredericksburg VA sunrise engagement