Today we’re excited to share with you one of our favorite discoveries from our trip to WPPI. Believe it or not it actually has very little to do with the way we take pictures! We’ve struggled with one category of products for a long time, one that we’ve never really had the time or inclination […]

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Genuine smiles and happiness make for amazing pictures.  The more fun and laughter on your wedding day the better, right? One thing that you can do to ensure a lot of smiles is to add a photo booth to your wedding photography package! Our photo booth is a real booth that takes 4 pictures, and […]


Well, there is a first time for everything…  and today is my [Eric] first time writing on the blog. Also, I’m excited to tell you all about our 25% off sale on canvas prints ordered between today and October 8th, 2014!  Two firsts in one posts… crazy, right? So, why are we offering our first […]

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When you work in a visual field like photography it’s so important to find the right medium to present your work. It took me two years to find the right combination of quality, beauty, and customer service before I settled on Red Tree for our albums. But “settled” isn’t really the right word because I […]

Red Tree Albums

I started using Pass for my online galleries just over three years ago. Their product has always been right in online with everything I want my clients to have. Convenience, security, and a gorgeous way to view their photos! Recently they announced another amazing feature, all galleries would now be online for TEN YEARS! OMG. […]

Your Online Gallery Just Got Better!

I’m in a lot of different photography groups and message boards online. One of the recurring themes I see is how much people hate the album design process. It took some trial and error to find an album company I could rely on, designing software that was quick, and a proofing system that was easy […]

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