My Dearest Eric, If you can believe it, ten years ago today, at 2:15pm, we were married. Writing out “ten years” feels like it couldn’t possibly be correct. Those seven years before our wedding drag on in my mind. Back then, it always felt like we would never get to November 4th and all that it represented. […]

Ten Years

We’ve been meaning to visit Montana for a long time, years in fact. Eric and I love the mountains, I have family there we’re never visited, and frankly we’ve always wanted to see Glacier National Park. Sitting here writing this is so hard, because in retrospect Montana is almost impossible to describe. The pictures we took […]


We passed our one year anniversary of being “Amanda Beside Eric” earlier this month. We didn’t really stop to note it or celebrate it, but it passed nonetheless. This time last year I was so excited for the new brand, but I was also full of fear. I was terrified the name change would hurt […]

One Year of Amanda Beside Eric

I’ll never stop saying how lucky we were to find a move in ready historic home at a reasonable price. After looking for so long, finding Melrose in good condition was like a miracle. Now, having said that, there sure was a whole lot of ugly and dirty when we bought the house. For an […]

A Kitchen in Progress

Christmas has already come and gone. This was the first Christmas in a while I’ve been truly excited for, and our new house has a lot to do with that. We love living here, we’ve worked so hard, and all the nice comments we’ve gotten are the frosting on the cake. The ultimate compliment, or at least […]

Holidays at Melrose – Interior

I probably couldn’t be described as a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. My favorite Christmas dinner was the Thai lettuce wraps we made a few years ago, and live greenery indoors aggravates my asthma. But, one of the best things about being an adult is being able to create your own traditions. I don’t […]

Holidays at Melrose – Snowflakes