Before and Afters our of Historic Home!

What can I say? Sometimes you go about your life and then suddenly it’s years later. Hard to believe, but we moved into Melrose three years ago today!! I’ve been wanting to post some house updates for a while, but it was harder than I expected. Partially because getting rooms perfectly staged in the midst of wedding season, house projects, (and well, LIFE)  is super hard. Also because I drove myself a little crazy being self-conscious about sharing our home.

Before we get to the pictures I’m going to be super vulnerable with you guys for a minute. I absolutely love our house, I’m so grateful that we found it. BUT, looking at these pictures with a critical eye I see all the things we have yet to change. All the projects, and hopes, and dreams yet to be realized. It’s hard to put your life on the internet these days. Nothing we own is super new, or fancy, or trendy, but every last bit of it makes us happy.

We’ve been dreaming of owning an old home since around 2005, even before we got engaged. The more we looked, the more determined we were to find an old home that needed us. Not just our money or our time, but a home that needed someone to appreciate it and love it. Melrose has lots of interesting quirks and character that simply aren’t right for everyone. But to us, it’s a home that’s become our favorite hobby and our greatest challenge.

So here are some before and after pictures! The “befores” are from 2015, either when we very first saw the house, or during the inspection a few weeks after. The “afters” are from the last couple of weeks. Think of this as a photo guide, and not a source book, but I’m happy to share where anything is from/what paint colors we used if you message us. Enjoy!

Exterior Before and After!!

Walking up to the house for the very first time!

Office Before and Afters!

Master Before and Afters!

Family Room Before and Afters!

Kitchen Before and Afters!

Laundry Room Before and Afters!
(This was our only total tear down and rebuild. It’s not done, but I’m so proud!)

Extra Bedroom Before and After!
Eric for scale. 😉

Guest Bedroom Before and After!

That’s it if you can believe it! Not pictured are the bathrooms, because even though we also painted and redecorated them, they’re pretty boring. And the cellar, which is sorta spooky. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, this was a big effort to put together, but looking back is so much fun! Every room is basically at the end of what I like to call “phase 1”, with more plans for finishing touches and further renovation in the years to come.