One Year of Amanda Beside Eric

We passed our one year anniversary of being “Amanda Beside Eric” earlier this month. We didn’t really stop to note it or celebrate it, but it passed nonetheless.

This time last year I was so excited for the new brand, but I was also full of fear. I was terrified the name change would hurt us or that it would be confusing. More than that I was afraid the brand itself wouldn’t be well received. It wasn’t cute or demure with soft feminine colors. The brand didn’t feature anything remotely bridal or really anything wedding related, so I worried.

The truth is that it didn’t matter what we included in the brand as long as it reflected¬†who we are. I believed it then, and now that a year has passed I believe it even more. The couples that we attract now are frankly amazing people that care about marriage. They’re marrying their best friends, and they love laughing together.

Not surprisingly, our brand and our historic home fit together beautifully. Our office is an indication of that, but also in the way we live and entertain here.

Looking back, 2015 was really a re-building year for the business. We weren’t terribly busy which is something I’m thankful for, as it was a very challenging year personally.

One of our biggest goals for 2015 in regards to the brand was to move and create a meeting and office space in our new home. We’ve done that and more, so despite minor setbacks or the work it took to get here, I can’t help but feel very accomplished.

2016 means some really exciting projects, collaborations, and working with some really wonderful couples. We have such big plans and even bigger hopes for the future, I know this will be our best year yet!