A Return to Blogging

Richmond Virginia Thanksgiving Table

What can I say? I haven’t blogged in almost a year, and while I have everything to say, I’m not sure where to start. Over the past few years I’ve developed a pretty major aversion to social media. I adore it as a tool to keep in touch with friends, and share good news, but beyond that I’m fatigued. This past year has especially¬† been a struggle for me.

I don’t want sound like I’m complaining, 2017 was a pretty amazing year for Eric and I. We continued to work on our house, and actually made time to really enjoy it as a home. Last year was the year of making new friends, and reconnecting with old ones. It was spending lots of time nesting, and traveling to brand new places. 2017 was also my favorite year professionally so far.

Yet, even with all of the wonderful things that 2017 brought us, it was punctuated by real moments of despair, fear, and hopelessness. It has been so difficult for me to share anything good while it seemed like there were so many bad things going on in the world. Slowly, I realized that we’re not going to make the world a better place by focusing on the negative. It’s important to remember the good things that we’re fighting for. Whether it be as important as a wedding day, or something as frivolous as a laundry room renovation.

With that being said, it’s a new year, the blog has a new design, and I’m ready to start sharing again. Hello again. ūüôā