Throughout the day you’d hear Kelsey and Matt praised by their family and friends. How fantastic they looked, how hilarious they were, how loyal they are. One word that stuck out to me was how generous they both were. Generous with their time, their patience, their laughter, and most importantly their love. They had a […]

Kelsey and Matt | Inn at the Old Silk Mill Fredericksburg

If you’re very observant you’ll recognize today’s bride to be Jessi from Kate and Mike’s wedding which we shot earlier this year. I recall her as being an ideal bridesmaid: punctual, helpful, beautiful, and fun! So when she contacted us about shooting her upcoming wedding to fiance Jason we were so excited! (Not to mention […]

Jessi and Jason | Fredericksburg, Virginia Engagement

Fall weddings always make me just a little bit nervous, I won’t even try to deny it. Weeks ahead of time I’m watching the weather, and trying to predict the peak of the leaves based on low temperatures and rainfall. Not that it will change things on the actual wedding day, but I just want […]

Taylor and Patrick | Wedding

I really like living with Eric for a myriad of reasons, but lately it’s because we feel the same way about our house. What I mean here is that I think we both feel like caretakers, in the best way possible. We feel very strongly that you don’t buy an old home and start arbitrarily […]

Heart Pine Floors and Hardwood Heartaches

I wish that every couple could have a wedding day like Lizzy and Scott’s. I think a perfect wedding day is a lot more complicated to define or achieve than most people think, and honestly it has very little to do with the weather. In reality a “perfect day” is a unique concept to each […]

Lizzy and Scott | The Inn at Willow Grove Wedding

We’ve had lots of questions lately so I figure we’re long overdue for an update. It’s been nearly three months since we moved into our new home, and while we’re still unpacking lately it’s really begun to feel like home. Things here have been a whirlwind of cleaning, and painting, and general fixing things up. […]

Living at Melrose – FAQ

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