I’ll never stop saying how lucky we were to find a move in ready historic home at a reasonable price. After looking for so long, finding Melrose in good condition was like a miracle. Now, having said that, there sure was a whole lot of ugly and dirty when we bought the house. For an […]

A Kitchen in Progress

Christmas has already come and gone. This was the first Christmas in a while I’ve been truly excited for, and our new house has a lot to do with that. We love living here, we’ve worked so hard, and all the nice comments we’ve gotten are the frosting on the cake. The ultimate compliment, or at least […]

Holidays at Melrose – Interior

I probably couldn’t be described as a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. My favorite Christmas dinner was the Thai lettuce wraps we made a few years ago, and live greenery indoors aggravates my asthma. But, one of the best things about being an adult is being able to create your own traditions. I don’t […]

Holidays at Melrose – Snowflakes

Ever since buying our house we’ve been committed to not rushing things. This home has stood for 225 years, and we think that whatever we do deserves a fair amount of consideration. We didn’t run out and buy loads of new decorations, and there just wasn’t time this year to dry lots of fruits or […]

Holidays at Melrose | Exterior

Ever since our offer was accepted on our house we’ve been dying to get back to Colonial Williamsburg. We love history, but there is endless inspiration for us in the Revolutionary City for our own home. Looking at everything from the gardens to chair rails is a huge help towards the renovation and restoration of […]

Christmas at Colonial Williamsburg

Little known fact about Eric and I, we love spending time outdoors in the mountains. It’s not exactly a secret if you know us, we just don’t get the chance to venture outdoors as much as we’d like. You want hiking pictures? Done. Pictures around the campfire? Perfect. Engagement session at a Christmas tree farm? […]

Melissa and Gus | A Mountain Engagement Session

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