Ever since Jessi and Jason’s engagement session we have been looking forward to their wedding day. They’re such GOOD people, great parents, and a ton of fun! And maybe best of all, they’re really laid back. Sometimes I forget that it rained on their wedding day because they were just so happy to be getting […]

Jessi and Jason | Wedding | Silk Mill

This day has been such a long time in coming, and not just because Heather and Sal originally booked us back in 2014! They actually knew each other many years ago when their families were neighbors, so needless to say everyone who knew them then was thrilled that the big day had finally arrived! Their […]

Heather and Sal | Riddick House Stevenson Ridge

We first met Amanda and Garrett around two years ago in the early stages of their wedding planning. It was a long engagement, so the day had an overwhelming feeling of “finally”. So many of the family, friends, and guests we spoke with were so excited that the day had arrived. Even sitting here now […]

Amanda and Garrett | The Old Silk Mill Wedding

We love shooting weddings in Florida. Naturally, there’s a lot to like about the weather and the plant life but I might even venture that people are just a tad bit happier there, especially in the winter! Jacqui was certainly very happy when we found her in her room at the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne. The […]

Jaqcui & John | Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Wedding

If you’re like me, you get a strong feeling of anticipation and excitement leading up to New Year’s Eve. It has all the accomplishment of saying goodbye to another year, with the promise of a fresh start and exciting things to come. Add all of those feelings to the eagerness and elation of a wedding day […]

Hannah and Andrew | New Year’s Eve Wedding

We passed our one year anniversary of being “Amanda Beside Eric” earlier this month. We didn’t really stop to note it or celebrate it, but it passed nonetheless. This time last year I was so excited for the new brand, but I was also full of fear. I was terrified the name change would hurt […]

One Year of Amanda Beside Eric

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