My Dearest Eric, If you can believe it, ten years ago today, at 2:15pm, we were married. Writing out “ten years” feels like it couldn’t possibly be correct. Those seven years before our wedding drag on in my mind. Back then, it always felt like we would never get to November 4th and all that it represented. […]

Ten Years

Rachel and Cody were married on an unseasonably warm day near the end of October. The skies were clear, and downtown Fredericksburg was busy with people out enjoying the day. We arrived at the church early to find the bridal party quietly excited and looking forward to the day’s events. Rachel and Cody started the day off […]

Rachel and Cody | Jepson Alumni Center Fredericksburg

If you’ve had a wedding, or been a part of one you know it can be…a bit of a circus at times. Now imagine a wedding day where the bride and groom can just focus on each other. All of the romance and significance of starting a marriage without being pulled in a million directions. […]

Inn at Meader Plantation Elopement

We don’t often meet couples like Jordan and Justin. Sure, they’re adorkable and they have incredible taste in TV (any couple that references The Office in their vows is definitely staying together forever). But they’re also amazing parents to the three sweet little ones, and they’re best friends! Their day started with excitement and more […]

Jordan and Justin | Rock Hill Plantation

They made it through years of dating long distance. At first, seeing each other on the weekends with trips between Longwood and VMI. And later, maintaining a relationship between Virginia and New York. Kim and Josh had come such a long way to their wedding day, supported by their friends, their family, and their faith. […]

Kim and Josh | Rock Hill Plantation

Jessica and Ryan met at work, but they first bonded over fantasy football. Based on that alone we knew wedding day was going to be a lot of fun. But, we had no idea what an amazing celebration the day would be from beginning to end. We shouldn’t have been surprised. Jessica and Ryan are […]

Jessica + Ryan | Rock Hill Plantation Wedding

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