It all started with the airfare. We had booked a cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico to celebrate our ten year anniversary, and all that was left was to find a way down there. Well Eric, being the travel guru that he is, found us an AMAZING price on airfare…the week BEFORE our cruise. […]

Old San Juan – Anniversary Trip

We’ve been meaning to visit Montana for a long time, years in fact. Eric and I love the mountains, I have family there we’re never visited, and frankly we’ve always wanted to see Glacier National Park. Sitting here writing this is so hard, because in retrospect Montana is almost impossible to describe. The pictures we took […]


I probably couldn’t be described as a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. My favorite Christmas dinner was the Thai lettuce wraps we made a few years ago, and live greenery indoors aggravates my asthma. But, one of the best things about being an adult is being able to create your own traditions. I don’t […]

Holidays at Melrose – Snowflakes

Ever since our offer was accepted on our house we’ve been dying to get back to Colonial Williamsburg. We love history, but there is endless inspiration for us in the Revolutionary City for our own home. Looking at everything from the gardens to chair rails is a huge help towards the renovation and restoration of […]

Christmas at Colonial Williamsburg

We were sitting in the plane 39,000 feet above Indianapolis when I finally felt the cold start to seep in from the window beside me. The sun had just barely disappeared beyond the horizon, and I found myself longing for Las Vegas and WPPI. Not just the sunny skies and the 70 degree weather from […]

Finding my Fear at WPPI

I can’t imagine that anyone who follows me doesn’t know that we just spent the last 6 days at Disney World. We JUST got back and I’m already experiencing a little bit of “Disney Depression”. I went to the grocery store this morning and it was just so boring, but at least I didn’t wait […]

Disney World 2014!

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